The Lace Mill
"Where Artists Live." 
Completed around 1903 & closed in 1951.

About The Lace Mill:

Where Artists Live

The Lace Mill, a 55-unit affordable housing complex preferences for artists, exemplifies creative place-making with adaptive reuse, energy efficiency, and historical preservation as its cornerstones. The 100+-year-old lace curtain mill was transformed by RUPCO, a regional community developer in the Hudson Valley, with the help of numerous local subcontractors. A component of the City of Kingston's BEAT (Business, Education, Arts, Technology) Initiative, the artist community serves as a linchpin of the burgeoning Midtown Kingston Arts District. The blossoming creative neighborhood is the foundation of The Lace Mill's vision, with many established, thriving art-based businesses, such as @BaileyPottery, @CornellStreetStudios, @R&FHandmadePaints, @AmericanMadeMonsters, @TheShirtFactory, @M&EManufacturing, @UPAC, @O+Festival, and @ColorPage. The Lace Mill welcomed its first residents in July 2015. For inquiries about apartments, call RUPCO or visit www.

*Thanks to RUPCO for the majority of the photos used on this site

The US Curtain Mill at 165 Cornell Street  in Kingston, NY was built in 1903 and once employed hundreds of Kingston residents - many of them women. By the early 1990s, The Lace Mill, as it became known by the locals, has been all but abandoned, boarded-up, and used as a storage warehouse. In 2013 The Lace Mill was purchased by RUPCO for developing and after several town hall meetings it was decided that The Lace Mill would become housing for working artists in contribution to the current thriving Kingston art community. By 2015 The Lace Mill was developed into 55 apartments, 3 art galleries, 2 work studios, and a community room. Artist residents made use of the high ceilings and made their apartments into work studios. The galleries began to hold exhibitions and music events and the work studios used to conduct figure drawing classes, photography sessions, workshops, presentations, and music rehearsals. An art council was created with a board & board members to facilitate the development of events and the calendar in the mail room became every resident’s right to claim a month, a week, or a day to run an event. 

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The council holds elections with-in The Lace Mill & is always looking for voluntary help, such as "Gallery Sitters".

We thank others in the building that show up for meetings & support the community.

Secretary - Zakiah Bonnerwith

The council's secretary that keeps the meeting notes & the whole process organized.

President - James Martin

The President leads the meeting & helps determine the direction the arts council takes in future art exhibits.

Treasurer - Freya DeNitto

The money keeper, handler of donations. Keeps track of all the receipts & costs for the council.

Current & Former Artists OF The Lace mill

Artists Of The Lace Mill

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